Grand Opening Ceremony…Raise a glass to Hourglass!

We just had the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Miramar Community College Central Commons and Classroom Buildings. This project is a great example of integrating a historically significant use of a bygone era into a modern teaching tool. Imagine a student’s “ah-ha” moment while walking around a three hundred foot diameter compass and easily understanding a navigational map of compass headings, degrees, minutes and seconds. Add to this the daydreams of early aviation pioneers practicing their flying skills overhead and landing on Hourglass Field. This is a project about learning, recognizing our past and most importantly about creating a sense of place. In the next five years over 30,000 students will use Hourglass Field as their place to meet, make friends and daydream. As Landscape Architects we rarely have the opportunity to establish an identity of a place before the architects take control and mandate particular design styles or images to complement their buildings. This was a unique opportunity for WYAC to take a traditional landscape design and integrate it with educational value. 

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Photo Credit: Kevin Walsh and Wimmer Yamada and Caughey

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