Working with our firm’s original Superblock design from 1976, the El Cajon Superblock landscape update will leave in place large, beautiful specimen trees which provide dramatic seasonal color and border a large cluster of civic buildings. The renovation will modify the original, and very popular, boulder lined stream by reducing its size and updating the hydraulic systems which will reduce water consumption by as much as 40%. Plans for a new seating plaza, under large shade canopy trees, will give pedestrians welcome relief from summertime temperatures.


  • Reduced and renovated water feature to conserve water and lower maintenance costs
  • Designed new upper terrace to include stage for outdoor performances
  • Designed collection of rainwater, from nearby buildings, to be used in water feature
  • Designed use of unique eco-pavers in plaza providing porous pavement and stormwater collection

El Cajon, CA
City of El Cajon
El Cajon Superblock Renovation

El Cajon Superblock Renovation