Embarcadero Marina Park brings beauty and vitality to a once-drab utilitarian parcel of land, while providing a variety of amenities for residents, workers and visitors. This urban, waterfront park occupies two man-made landfill peninsulas formed from dredging materials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Harbor Dredging Project of 1976.


  • Design objective was to encourage greater use of San Diego's waterfront attractions
  • Park was one of the first to utilize fitness course in a public development
  • Designed as key elements in the waterfront’s master plan development and used for large civic gatherings, summer outdoor concert series, and lunchtime public events


San Diego, CA
San Diego Unified Port District
Award of Distinction - CA Coastal Commission Design Award program 1988
Embarcadero Marina Park - Seaport Village

Embarcadero Marina Park - Seaport Village