In the planning stages for over seven years, the First San Diego River Improvement Project (FISDRIP) transformed a long neglected riverbed into an attractive channel system with recreated wetland habitats, wildlife preserves, picnic areas, bikeways, and pedestrian paths. It also reduced wintertime flooding which plagued the area.


  • Worked with City of San Diego, Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, and State of California Department of Fish and Game
  • Designed for flood control, biological preservation, wildlife restoration, recreational amenities and aesthetics
  • Revegetation planting recreated approximately 42 acres of riparian woodland and 15 acres of freshwater marsh
  • Designed for California native plants selected for habitat value and ability to contribute to sustainable landscape


San Diego, CA
City of San Diego
Landmark Award - ASLA 2011, Merit Award - ASLA San Diego Chapter 2007, Award for Excellence - CCLA Professional Award Program 1987
First San Diego River Improvement Project

First San Diego River Improvement Project