Ruocco Park is a 3.3 acre park along San Diego Bay, just north of Seaport Village.  The name sake of the park Lloyd and Ilse Ruocco donated $3.8 million in 1977  for a park on the water front that would provide serene and contemplative areas.  The completed part reflects their desire, with active and passive park areas, a waterscape view, public plaza, and a unique public art piece .  The public art piece called "Riparium" is a pergola topped by Eucalyptus limbs and trunks sawed in half and arranged by Artist Roman de Salvo, and it sits at the northeast corner of the site at Pacific Highway and Harbor Drive.  
Additional funding came from the Port of San Diego,who came on board in 2005, to bring the park to life, with a grassy expanse next to a vast concrete hardscape, including benches, picnic tables, rest room, and concession stand.
The services provided on the park were:
Schematic Design
Contract Documents
Contract Administration
Site Observation
The park opened to the public on September 20, 2012.

Ruocco Park

Ruocco Park