Wimmer Yamada and Caughey provided design oversight and implementation of the landscape design for  The Headquarters. Based on a masterplan developed by Owen Lang with Sasaki, Terramar developed this unique historical adaptive mixed use project that features signature restaurant and retail venues. 

The historic character of the original San Diego Police Headquarters, built in 1937, has been maintained throughout the property. The new restaurant venues are have been designed in the original administrative, courtroom, interrogation and training spaces. Historic examples of original uses such as Holding Cells, Judge’s Chambers along with San Diego Police Department History Exhibits are being preserved for public viewing.  The site and landscape is themed around the California landscapes of the 1940’s. An integration of original historic features includes; original auto court pavers, 80% of the original trees being maintained and two historic water features. Many details of original details have been redrawn from historic plans of the original headquarters. The project also includes a linear “Urban Park” which replaces the original parking lot along Harbor Drive.  The urban park features a series of outdoor landscaped rooms along a promenade walk  providing access from the hotels and convention center to the Bayfront.


Downtown San Diego
The Headquarters at Seaport

The Headquarters at Seaport